Women's Aliceband - Pearl Bow




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To make this Hair Accs you will need:

Miniribbon Alica Hairband DIY Kit


- What's in the box:

5mm Chamude Satin Hair Band(Black) - 1ea

50mm Felt Circle (Black 5cm) - 1ea

30mm Rich Pearl Bow Metal Accessory(Gold) - 1ea

- What else is required:


Glue gun


Step 1:

Cut out the felt circle a bit smaller than the accessory.

Step 2:

Apply enough glue inside of the accesory.

Step 3:

Place the felt piece on to the accessory, and apply Loctite at the marked area.

Step 4:

After waiting about 10 seconds to dry, place the bow accessory to the hairband.

Step 5:

There! Completed!

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- https://www.miniribbon.com



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