Wonder Woman Cosplay - How to Make Wonder Woman Tiara

Introduction: Wonder Woman Cosplay - How to Make Wonder Woman Tiara

Hey Cosplayers, Welcome to The Cosplay Apprentice where I do my best to help you take a piece of your favorite fantasy world and forge it in reality. I’m Skyler Ostler and in today’s Apprenticeship I’ll be teaching you how to forge Wonder Woman’s Tiara using Polly Plastics moldable thermoplastic and regular cooking flour. Stay tuned.

Step 1: Watch the Video


Are you ready to learn how to make Wonder Woman's Tiara? Let's get started!

Step 2: What You Will Need to Get Started

I did all the leg work of proportioning and designing and I created a template that will make this super easy for you. Get it for yourself HERE!

Materials List
Polly Plastics moldable thermoplastic

Regular Fine Cooking Flour


Tools List

Here is a list of All the tools I use for Cosplay Builds

* I am an affiliate for these links and so if you purchase your stuff through these links I get a kickback and it helps me out! :) Thanks!

Step 3: Getting Your Materials Ready

Alright, before we get started, I highly recommend first watching my video on how to make your own worbla (PolyArmor) as that will be what we are using to make this Tiara!

You can also use My template to build this with other materials as well such as regular worbla, 1mm sintra, tin, or even craft foam!

With that, let's jump in and get building!

Step 4: Assembling the Tiara

Begin by printing out your template, or using the taping method I showed you in previous videos to create your own.

We will begin with the basic outline of the Tiara, that is piece A on the Template, this will become the base upon which we will build the rest. I made the template a little long to account for different head sized but you can cut it down to the right size later on in the tutorial.

Trace piece A onto a piece of PolyArmor, or worbla, making sure to flip it over to make both sides symmetrical.

Cut out your base layer using a pair of tin snips and then proceed to trace and cut out pieces B and C. You will want to cut out 4 B pieces and 2 C pieces.

Then simply lay pieces B and C in place on the base layer and heat them up with the heat gun until they are hot enough that they lay smooth and stick to the base layer as you see here. Dip your finger in some cool water and rub the surface smooth as it cools. You’ll add a second layer to the B pieces after the first layer has cooled.

Next, trace out the D piece, making sure once more to flip this one over to get both sides symmetrical and cut it out of the PolyArmor and place it in place with heat the same way you did with previous pieces.

Continue that same process with the E piece, and lastly the Star Piece F. Then you should have something that looks like this!

You may be wondering why wonder womans wonderful tiara is wanting of a woundness to wind awound her head. Try saying that 10 times fast!!

All joking aside, we need to add some curve to this puppy. What I did was take a scrap piece of black cloth and layed the flat tiara onto the cloth and hit it with the heat gun till it started to soften, make sure when you are heating it that you don’t stay on any one spot too long, try to heat it all evenly. Then you can lift it up by the cloth and layback, carefully placing it on your forehead and gently curving the sides around your head. Be careful, as it is warm, the cloth will create a slight buffer but still be careful.

Step 5: Fit and Weathering

Wahoo!! We are getting soo close! Now that you have the curve you may want to clip the ends down to a length you feel appropriate for your size head, you can do that with a pair of tin snips.

Then use the leftover scraps of PolyArmor to attach something to help the Tiara stay on. I cut an old metal comb hairband in half and attached half of it on either side using scrap pieces of PolyArmor. Lastly before paint, add in any scuff marks, scratches, or knicks that you want in the tiara now so that it will be worthy of the ferocity in which Wonder Woman vanquishes her foes!!

Now it is ready for paint!!

Step 6: Painting Time!

Can you guys keep a secret? I have discovered the best way to get a super smooth super reflective metal look for both gold and silver. The trick is, that you have to start with going as black and as glossy as you can. I like to use Rustoleum High Gloss Black double coverage. Once you get that coated well and it has set up, then you come back and hit it with in this case the Bright Gold Metallic paint by Rustoleum, do a couple coats of this and then let it sit for as long as you can without touching it or handling it at all. I would recommend a couple days if you can, the longer you wait to touch it the more the shininess will last and not get rubbed off. Trust me, I know from experience, it is hard but patience here pays off!

Now you have it all painted and it’s looking soo pretty, but it’s tooo clean, we have to dirty it up a bit! Do some weathering with a little black wash, use some cocoa powder to add some dirt on it, make it look battle worn! And that is that!

Step 7: Fantasy Forged!!

Hey Cosplayers! If you liked this tutorial, please check out my other tutorials both here on Instructables and on YouTube!

I have done all the legwork for you and created a template that you can buy at THIS LINK that will make this build super easy but you can also use the principles I teach you here to make your own pattern as well!

If you buy the pattern you will not only get the pattern but basically an entire course with the downloadable pattern, the embedded video, and a Q&A section to ask me questions directly as you work on the build!

Thanks for Watching: Like, Subscribe, and Cosplay On My Friends!!!

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