Wonder Woman With a Twist




Introduction: Wonder Woman With a Twist

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I was requested to do Wonder Woman with a twist, what do you think? Also subscribe to my youtube page ( Youtube.com/msmaomaoz ) and help me live my dream! <3

Step 1: Flawless

I used a liquid foundation all over my face, then I got a cream concealer and concealed any redness or freckles, after that I set it all with translucent powder.


So you need to outline everything to give it that pop-art look. I started with my eyebow (on one side) , I moved onto the cheek bones, one side of my lips, then one side of my nose, I also outlined where her head thing will be, and I have myself some shadows.

Step 3: Shadows

To slightly deepen the shadows I took a light brown eye shadow and placed it next to the lines a drew.

Step 4: Red

I filled in one side of my lips with a red lipstick.

Step 5: Eyes

I gave one eye a cat eye, and I also drew a line right above my eyelid.

Step 6: Highlight

to highlight I used a white liquid eyeliner and placed it on my lips and randomly around the face.

Step 7: Head Thing

I used red body paint to draw on a star, then I used gold body paint to fill in around it, after that I outlined everything with a black liquid eyeliner, and then used the white liquid eyeliner to highlight.

Step 8: Skull/zombie Side

I used the black liquid eyeliner to sketch out the look.

Step 9: Bags

I gave myself bags under that eye.

Step 10: No Eye/ Eyebrow

I filled in the eyelid with black eye shadow, then I outlined it with that eyeliner, after that I gave that other eyebrow a messy look.

Step 11: Shadows

I used that brown eye shadow to more shadowing. haha.

Step 12: TEETH

I used white body paint to fill in the teeth, then I outline with the eyeliner.... again.

Step 13: Body

Very simple, I outlined everything with black body paint, shadowed with that brown eye shadow, then highlighted with that white eyeliner. DONE.



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