Wonderful Room Decor With Pipette

Instead of giving hundreds of dollars to expensive room decorations, you can do wonders with a pipette, gold paint and wire.

(I added the video of this project on last step)

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Step 1:

Cut 5 cm, 5 piece pipette

of course you can change all sizes

Step 2:

Use a wire for combine all and discard the last node. It'll be look like a 5-pointed geometric shape

Step 3:

Cut 7 cm, 10 piece pipette. Again, use a wire and combine all pipetters like a star. Don't forget discard the last node.

Step 4:

You need 2 same stars.

Step 5:

Cut 4 cm, 5 piece pipette. And combine 2 stars with wire.

Step 6:

And use 5 iron rings. Connect the head of the stars with these rings.

Step 7:

And paint all with gold spray paint

Step 8:

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