Wonderful Woodshed

Introduction: Wonderful Woodshed

Materials Needed

~6 Pallets

Long Straight Edge

~20 3” Screws

~20 1.5” Screws

Industrial Trash Bag

Staple Gun


Hammer (Optional)

Pry-bar (Optional if powertools available)

If you are not experienced or comfortable with operating these tools find someone who is and ask them for assistance. If you do not have access to these tools you will not be able to complete crucial aspects of this project.


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Step 1: Separating the Pallets

This happens to be the most time consuming aspect of the entire build. There are two ways to separate the usable wood from their bonds as a pallet. The first requires a hammer, pry-bar and good ol’ elbow grease. Hammer the pry-bar in between the wood seams and pry them up. Easy as that. You will notice that many pieces will not come off cleanly and will snap and splinter.

This could take anywhere from one to two hours.

If you are interested in being able to use all of the wood on the pallet then you will need a few power tools. The way to do this would be to make two lateral cuts on the inside of the pallets. If you do this correctly the only thing holding the boards onto the pallet would be the nails in the middle. These can easily be cut with the sawzall. Repeat this process until you have about twenty usable pieces.

This generally takes about 45 minutes.

Step 2: Creating a Sturdy Base

Now you will create the base of the shed. Find the sturdiest pallet you have with the pieces closest together and cut it out to the size of your choice. The size does not matter as your siding will be measured so that it fits your base.

This should be quick, about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Cutting Solid Uprights

In the middle of the pallets there are usually more sturdy pieces used as framework. You are going to need four pieces made out of these boards to use as your uprights. Once again these can be cut to the size of your choice but two of these should be about two inches shorter to create a slope in the roof.

It will take roughly ten minutes.

Step 4: Siding

Secure these pieces to your base with screws and the power drill. Once you have all four secure on your base then you will need to measure each side of the box so that you can use all the pieces you worked so hard to get as the siding. After you measure out the pieces you will overlap them before you screw them on. This will hopefully create watertight siding.

This could take about 30 minutes.

Step 5: Roofing

After you have all the siding screwed on you will need to attach a roof using pieces of your choice. Just make sure the roof hangs over the front to provide cover. After your roof is attached grab a trash bag but do not open it up. Lay the closed flat trash bag over the top and cut off excess. Use your staple gun to attach it under the lip of the roof.

This should be quick, about ten minutes

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    4 years ago

    Awesome use of pallets!! Looks really great


    4 years ago

    This looks great! Thanks for sharing your project!