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I was asked to build a Willy Wonka inspired Candy Machine to be displayed in the front window of a local Candy Store. The entire machine is made out of wood. It has been faux painted and and created to look like different types of metal with rust and wear and tear of age. It has moving parts and flashing lights.

Step 1: Gears and Moving Parts

This machine actually moves and it has two rotisserie motors running the gear and the plunge arm so everything moves slowly up and down and around. Also notice the faux metal strapping and rivets.

Step 2: Gauges

The gauges and gauge needles move as if pressure was giving them a constant shake. Again all made from wood.

Step 3: Candy and Conveyor Belt

Custom made candy with the stores logo printed on each piece.

Step 4: Metal Tages

All the metal looking industrial tags are made from 1/8" backer board. Painted and printed with custom made silk screens.

Step 5: Main Power Box / Switch

I happen upon this image of an actual power switch years ago and kept the image as inspiration in hopes I may need it some day. That day came when I was asked to do this project. I recreated the box entirely out of wood and a few spare electrical pinball machine parts at the bottom.

Step 6: Final Product Installed

The machine is permanently installed and running with flickering and flashing lights. It is 6' wide x 6'high x 16" deep.

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    Reply 4 months ago

    try to emulate what you did but i dont know how to make the signs you did.


    4 months ago

    Amazing work! Looks like you had a great time dreaming this up and putting your heart and soul in your work -- bravo!!!!