Wonton Lasagna Cups



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little two bite lasagna cups simplified with wonton wrappers and packed with vegetables!

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Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

You will need!
cottage cheese - large container
1 egg
1/2 lb ground beef or ground meat of choice.
1 jar pasta sauce
1 cup parmesan cheese
2 cups cheese- shredded or if using sliced. 12 slices
1 cup small diced mushrooms
1 cup small diced Carrots
1/2 onion- small dice
3 garlic cloves
herbs of choice

Step 2: Chop It Up

chop all your vegetables and slice your cheese

Step 3: Brown/ Cook Everything

In a large pan on medium heat, add your beef and veggies. sauteed til browned. add the sauce and about 1/2 cup water. simmer on low for 20 minutes

Step 4: Cottage Cheese Goodness

As you wait for the sauce to simmer. in a bowl, combine cottage cheese, parmesan, eggs, and chopped garlic. mix it up. add seasoning of choice. I use black pepper, basil and oregano.

Step 5: Assembly!

First off grease your cupcake tin really well. then press a wonton into each cup as long as they are fresh they won't stick together. and as you work. try to keep the unused portion under a cool moist towel or paper towel so they don't dry out.
- after you have the wrappers in the cup.
follow-up with a little meat sauce in each one, about 1 tbsp. then follow that with the cottage cheese mixture, 1 tbsp or more. now repeat. So another wrapper, sauce then cottage cheese. top with your grated or sliced cheese!
bake! 350 for 35 minutes !

Step 6: Devour

30 minutes is the minimum time. I took mine out then because I'm freezing them then will rebake on a different day. if you like crunchy sides of lasagne leave it in longer.
they pop right out. no sticking issue and the pan Is a dream to clean

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