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About: I'm a woodworker who makes fun woodworking projects on my wife's side of the garage!

The Atlanta Falcons are going to win Superbowl LI! At least I hope they do. I was born in Atlanta in 1967, two years after the Atlanta Falcons. I've watched other teams with the Superbowl all of my life. It's time for them to win one. I made this Atlanta Falcons logo out of wood using my scroll saw for good luck, although I don't think they'll need it.

Watch my video of the process, then follow these steps to make one of your own.

Step 1: Attach Cutting Template to Wood

Print out the logo cutting template and attach it to a piece of wood with spray adhesive. I use 3M General Purpose 45 adhesive.

Click here to visit my website article and download the cutting template.

Step 2: Drill Starter Holes

Use a very small drill bit to drill starter holes on the line of each shape. It's helps to drill the hole in a corner. If you have a scroll saw with pinless blades, these holes can be very small.

Step 3: Cut the Shapes

Using a scroll saw, insert the blade in each starter hole and cut out the shape. Use care when cutting out the thin pieces as they can break easily.

Step 4: Remove the Template

Carefully peel the template off the shapes. If it is not coming off easily, dab some mineral spirits on the paper and it will peel right off. You may need to wipe down the surface of the wood with mineral spirits to remove any adhesive residue.

Step 5: Sanding

Sand all of the pieces, being careful not to break or lose them. I used a combination of a 1" belt sander, a rotary tool, and sandpaper to sand everything. These segmentation projects look best when you round over the top edges of the pieces, so spending lots of time sanding really pays off later.

Step 6: Paint and Assemble

Paint the different parts silver, white, red and black according to the Falcons Logo. Cut a thin piece of plywood just smaller than the template to use as a backer board. Spread glue on the backer board and glue the pieces on.

Step 7: Show Your Team Spirit!

Attach a picture hanger to the back and hang it up to show your team spirit. Did I mention that the Atlanta Falcons are going to win Superbowl LI. Go Falcons!



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    that is seriusly awesome work ! is there any change that you can make an Eagles icon too? :)

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Falcons are rough birds, they even eat Steel(ers).

    I don't know if they'll win, they will certainly, but I'm sure the game will be terrific !

    1 reply

    It should be a good game to watch, I hope. Would really like to see them win one after watching other teams win superbowls all my life.