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Introduction: Wood Bead Trivet

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A simple trivet made from wood beads and leather cord with a loop to hang.

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Step 1:

I used 43 wood beads that have large openings to accommodate doubled leather cord but needs to be snug. The only tool needed is scissors. 

Step 2:

String 7 beads centered on at least 42 inches of leather cord. The length will vary depending on how many rows/number of beads/size of beads. Then take one end of the cord and run it back through the beads and come back out where the other length of the cord is. Pay attention to the the tension on the cord to make sure the beads are laying flat and not too tight.

Step 3:

Take a bead and string both ends of the cords through it from opposite sides of the bead so they cross. Pull the ends of the cord to bring the bead down against the circle of beads you just made as a "lock" bead to hold them in place and as a starter to begin your next row.

Step 4:

String 6 beads on each length of cord and wrap around the first circle of beads. Cross the ends of the cord to string through the beads again and come back out at the top of the "lock" bead.

Step 5:

Add another "lock" bead (see step 3).

Step 6:

String the final row in the same manner. I added 10 beads to each length of cord. Cross the ends of the cord to string back through the beads and come back out at the top of the most recently added "lock" bead.

Step 7:

The final bead I used was a smaller one that I put both ends of the cord through the same opening and pulled down to the top of the trivet. This last bead needs to fit tight onto the leather cord. I left a length of cord as a loop for hanging and tied off with a knot then cut off the excess. A simple trivet for hot dishes to rest on!

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