Wood Box Made From Quart Paint Stirrers



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1. 5 or 6 packs of quart paint stirrers
2. Wood glue

Step 1: Build Base

1. Build the base of the box by laying down 7 paint stirrers side by side.
2. Glue 2 stirrers on the edges at a 90 degree angle to the other 10, creating 2 cross beams to hold them all together.
3. Fill in gaps between the crossbeams and the 7 other stirrers.
4. Glue 2 stirrers to connect the crossbeams. This will form the basic foundation for the box.

Step 2: Build Up Walls

1. Build up the walls of the box by adding additional crossbeams.
2. About 4 inches should be workable, but feel free to go as high as you need to.



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