Wood Burned Tree Cookie Pi Coaster




Introduction: Wood Burned Tree Cookie Pi Coaster

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This cool coater is to commemorate pi. It's simple to make and it's cool to look at!

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Step 1: Supplies


1. Tree Cookies


2. Wood Burning Tools

3. Regular Printer

4. Pencil

Step 2: Burning in Pi

So, once you have assembled the the tool and supplies, you are ready to get started. Please note that the tree cookie should be about the size of a coaster, so about a 2 inch radius. Go on your computer and print our a picture of pi that will fit onto your tree cookie. Once done, cut our your picture of pi and trace it in pencil on the tree cookie. When done, you are ready to use your wood burning tools. Burn the outline that you sketched onto the tree cookie and let it cool. Finally, you are done and have your pi coaster!!!

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