Wood Burner

Heater made from rims and scrap steel.

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Step 1: Wood Burner

Wood burner made from trailer rims, and scrap metal.
Spray Paint is 2000' header paint from automotive store, handles were made from welding chipping hammers.
Aprox. 80 hrs. Labor, made with common hand tools and a jigsaw.

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Thank you DIY Hacks and How Tos,
The teeth were the hardest, I sprayed the whole mouth area with the red header paint first then had to spray the white header paint into a small can to get the paint in liquid form so I could hand brush paint the teeth.
It took about five layers of white to hide the red under spray. There is also another set of teeth behind the bottom clean out door they look cool at night the eyes also open.


Reply 3 years ago

Thank you rainingfiction, at night we open up the the eyes and open the mouth door on the bottom and the wood burner looks like a dragon, or Spot from the old TV show the Munsters.
There are more teeth behind the door.