Wood Burning (Pyrography) With Soldering Iron

Introduction: Wood Burning (Pyrography) With Soldering Iron

About: Hi! I am from Minnesota and I like to make things in my spare time.

First of all I would like to give a shout out to Rectifier for giving the inspiration for this Instuctable. Find Rectifier's Instructable here.

I thought that I should make a small plaque for my favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings.

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Step 1: Get Your Materials

For materials you need:


Soldering Iron

Graphite Paper



Step 2: Transferring Pattern to Wood

To transfer your design you need to first put your graphite paper on the wood, you then trace the entire pattern with a pen or pencil. by drawing on the paper the graphite from the graphite paper gets transferred on to the wood (see third picture).

Step 3: Warming and Testing Soldering Iron

You need a very hot soldering iron to get good dark lines. When you are warming up the iron you don't want it to be near any thing that could possibly start on fire. I solved that problem by clamping it in a vise.

I tested to see how hot it was periodically on a scrap piece of wood. I strongly recommend doing this so you don't ruin your final product.

Step 4: Burn the Wood

This is the tricky part.You have to go slow and steady.

I recommend doing short sections at a time. The sharp curved bits like the nose and chin are quite challenging because you can't turn very well with a soldering iron and if you go too slow you burn too wide.

For the main part just follow the lines.

Be careful because the soldering iron is very hot and you can get burned.

Step 5: Other Wood Burnings I Have Done

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    Turned out great.