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Introduction: Wood Burnt Clock

Into:This is a wood burnt clock that I made for my daughter last year for Christmas. Yes most anyone can do this, Hopefully these instructions can help. Please beware of all SAFETY issues with wood burning tools.

Step 1: Pick Your Material:

I like to use 3/4 " birch plywood if gives a soft flow and even burn (shows nicely). Oak seems to be hard flow with even burn and pine is varied flow and burn due to wood grain.

Step 2: Edge Detail:

I like to detail edges early in design but not always, if staining edges I do early in project then sand show surface to clean up transition.

Step 3: Pattern:

Can you trace? Thats all you need to know. If you can draw or not its that easy. You can apply any drawing, photo that you want just by putting tracing (carbon paper) and transfer to wood. (don't over apply pressure) just enoug to see.

Note: I have made seperate drawing for each item and can use same template in different layouts. Always good to try on paper first.


Step 4: Clock Movement:

Take clock assembly and measure barrel width and hieght.

Step 5: Drill Mounting Hole:

After transfering clock portion of design on wood, drill  thru hole for clock barrel.

Step 6: Clock Assy Pocket.

Using clock assembly place barrel in hole and trace around clock housing, determined depth and router out slightly bigger then clock housing.


Please follow all Safety items! (We need your Instrucable also!) 

Step 8: Tools:

These are the tools or the trade, forgot sandpaper for light cleaning, please use your stand. 

I have my favorite tips (I usaully do lines, shading, everything with 1 tip) you will have your favorites also. so I won't suggest.

Step 9: Burn It!

Have fun! Burn it!

Step 10: Add Color:

Yes! colored pencils do a Great job! photo's should speak for them selfs

Step 11: And More Color!

And more color!

Step 12: Insert Clock Assembly

Install clock assembly, hands and battery

(It's time to be finished, just a couple more steps)

Step 13: Install Hanger:

Center and install hanger, your preference.

Step 14: Spacer:

Add (2) spacers, 1 to back bottem on each side. ( to level due to clock housing)

Step 15: Finished:

Apply clear coat, I use poly with a mat finish but there are other choices.

Finished! Hope you enjoyed

Thank you for looking!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome job! I remember doing wood-burning when I was a little kid. You've been reading some instructables, because this is well written. Good going!

    btw, You could have less steps on there if you wanted, by combining all the "more color" steps into one. it looked daunting at first seeing all those steps at the top until I realized each step was just one picture ;)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your feedback, a few less steps now, "more color" had to leave one extra (having fun can be productive) but does look better. Thanks Again


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You got my vote (one of them anyways). Of course I voted for my own too ;) It seems that no one ever rates, they just view, you notice that? You will. :)