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Introduction: Wood Business Card Holder Wallet

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In this guide I show how I made my Wood Business Card Holder Wallet. It's made from 3mm plywood and has a super cool and modern look. It's perfect for storing multiple business cards to save them getting bent in your pocket. Or you can even use it as standard card wallet.

For this build you will need;

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Step 1: Trace Template, Cut

I started by tracing the template I had made onto the wood. I measured by cards with a ruler and drew this to scale in Illustrator. From here I made rectangles around the card size, and added notches for the elastic and a curve at the top.

I have made this plan available to download, feel free to download it to use yourself. I then marked that onto the wood. Using a sharp blade I scored the wood to make it easier to saw. I used a saw to to cut out the shape.

Step 2: Sand & Tidy

Once I had cut out the two sides of the wallet I used some double sided tape to hold it together while I sanded it down. This made sure they were exactly the same shape. I also used a sharp chisel to square off the notches.

Step 3: Elastic

I took some 30mm elastic webbing. Stretching it to size, I made sure it was slightly undersized so that it would always be taught, even when there are no cards inside.

I trimmed it to size using some scissors, and then dabbed a few drops of liquid super glue at each end and held it together for a few seconds while it set. The liquid super glue is best here as it soaks into the webbing.

Once the glue had cured I added a few stitches in waxed cotton for added strength.

Step 4: Final Images

That's it. I hope you enjoyed this build. It's super quick and easy, and very cheap to make.

Make sure you check out my YouTube Video.

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