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Introduction: Wood Camera Tripod Mount

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I bought a used tripod and saved myself $70 off the new price, but it didn't come with a mounting plate to go in the head of the tripod. It was a pretty easy fix really, just took a chunk of chechen wood and a 1/4x20 bolt to build my own.


Notable Materials:

> Tripod

> Scrap hardwood

> 1/4-20 bolt

> Spray polyurethane

Notable Tools:

> Table saw

> Miter saw

> Drill press

> Angle grinder

Step 1: Materials

It's at this point that I realize we have a problem with the new tripod, my old camera mount will not work with this one. But I have tools so I can fix this situation!

Now I want a nice dense piece of hardwood for this so it will last. I grab this little piece of chechen out of my scrap hardwood drawer.

Step 2: Cutting to Size

I measure the head of the tripod and cut the piece down to size on my table saw, then my miter saw so it fits in the head. I also cut it down square so it can fit in either direction.

The camera mount attaches to the tripod head using a 45 degree dovetail, so I set up my table saw with an extension on my miter gauge to cut the matching angle on all 4 sides.

Test fit and we're good!

Step 3: Hardware

Now I just need a standard 1/4-20 bolt to fasten the bracket onto the camera. After a little rummaging through my miscellaneous hardware drawer, I got one!

First I bore out the bottom of the bracket the size of the head of the screw, then I drill through for the rest of the bolt to fit through.

Test fitting the screw, but this guy is going to be a little too long to fit in the camera so I cut the bolt down shorter with my angle grinder and chamfer the corners so it fits into the camera easily.

Step 4: Finishing

Then it's just a matter of applying the finish and here I use a few coats of spray polyurethane to make sure it holds up for me.

Step 5: Glamour Shot

So it's just a matter of screwing it into the camera and we're ready to film!

Success! Thanks for checking out the build and be sure to watch the build video for the full experience:

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    we had a tripod that was missing the mount, had to get rid of it. If we only knew! I am going to keep this in my favorites for next time. Thanks and great work!


    2 years ago

    Looks nice, I broke my camera mount a few years ago and had to do the same thing. Some ideas that for design:

    I still had the 1/4-20 screw that came with the mount and the difference with that one and the one you made was there is a neck below the threads to allow the screw to spin freely and not fall out of the mount. This allows you to orient the camera in the direction that you want better. The screw also has a slot cut wide enough so that you can use a coin to tighten if you don't have a screw driver. I was lucky I did not have to make the screw from scratch but it is possible.

    Most mounts also have some sort of rubber where the mount meets the camera to grip better while not damaging the camera body or making scuff marks. I glued on a piece of leather instead and it has worked just fine.


    3 years ago

    I went to several camera shops trying to find this part. Amazing deals can be had on tripods at Goodwill etc but they are always missing this piece. Thanks for legitimizing and offering a solution to what seems like such a small thing but is actually very relevant to anyone using a tripod.


    3 years ago

    Simple but super idea and indispensable when you have several equipments. In my todo list!