Handmade Wood Candlestick (tealight Holders)

Introduction: Handmade Wood Candlestick (tealight Holders)

Wood candlestick (tea pot candles) - done in five minutes

Step 1: Cutting Wood

Cut wood pieces - lenght you want

Step 2: Drill the Hole

Mark the center of a piece of wood.

Drill the hole - use a drill paddle (pic. 1)

Step 3: Painting

First grind the surface - I use the electric belt sander.

Then paint in a any color, I chose Chrome Copper (very nice effect).

Step 4: The Final Result

Repeat all the steps,

make different lenghts (pic. 2)

Reapeat steps as you want .....

don't worry that something is crooked. So it has to be.

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    4 years ago

    I like these. Such a simple idea, but makes for neat decor. Nicely done!


    Reply 4 years ago