Faux Wood Carved Doors

Transforming your old cabinets does not have to be expensive and doing something special to them does not have to be difficult or expensive.

This is an old vanity which I wanted to upgrade with a carved doors. Since I don't know how to carve, I figured out an easier way to do this.

Step 1: Transforming a Pill Cabinet

I bought a cheap bathroom pill cabinet and transformed it with a door. Looks great, doesn't it? And it wasn't difficult.

I needed a door because the cabinet didn't have one. Since I don't have many tools, I simplified the process by going to the hardware store and having a piece of wood the right size cut for me.

Step 2: Creating Faux Wood Carvings

To create the effect of a beautiful wood carving is not difficult.

You can make a shape out of (for example) paper mache.You could use stencils. What I did is buy a pre-existing shape (I bought these as wall hangings at Dolarama for $2.00 each.) Because they were hollow plastic, I filled them with hardening, expandable foam and attached them to the door with rubber cement.

You can use any shape you like. If the shape is 3 dimensional, all you have to do is cut it or sand it to sit flat on the door.

If you need multiple wood carvings of the same shape, you can create your own mould by getting a hollow shape and then pouring in acrylics. Each time you do this, you get a replica of your original shape.

Now all you have to do is paint and hang. And VOILA! You have beautiful faux wooden doors.



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    Penolopy Bulnick

    5 weeks ago

    That's a good idea for getting a more expensive look :)