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Hello as i have been growing i have loved the Harry Potter movies because they immersed me in a world of magic and mystery so in this instructable im going to show you how to make a wood carved dumbledore wand

Step 1: Materials

1.Any rotary tool (I used a dremel 3000)
2.wood carving bits (i recomend the # 106 124 and the sanding one)
3. A 40 cm wood stick
4. Paints
5. Measuring tape
6. Brushes

Step 2: Remember Security Goes First

So I recommend to use a mask and security goggles

Step 3: Mark the Zone

I recomend to mark the zones where the balls goes in the image i aded the separation space based on a file image i had

Step 4: Carving

I started the carving from tip to the base i consider this way easier ,i use a dremel bit #124 because its very smooth to give shape to the wood later you add the holes and the engraving of the white part for the holes I used the same bit you just punch a lot of them randomly in the base and in the balls and for the white part engraving I used the bit # 104 its very simple to make just use the imaged provided above

Step 5: Sanding and Painting

First sand the wand so it would have a smooth texture and paint would look better second paint it black as a base remember to fill every single hole later use a mix between dark brown and gray to give the same looking as in the movies don't fill the holes to give the different color layers and paint the engraved part of white but remember not to fill the engraving in case you does you can always fix it by using any pen and that's it you have your own dumbledore wand I hope you liked my instructable if you do please vote for me in the wizarding contest please make any question you have

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