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You can make a circular miter saw using wood.

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Step 1: Materials

1)775 DC Motor

2)DC Motor Clamp & Switch

3)10 Inch Slider

4)Ginder machine adapter

5)$ Inch Saw blade


Step 2: Cutting Wood

Cutting wood in this shape of dimension.

1) 35 X 11 CM

2) 2 Nos. 25 X 4 CM

3) 2 Nos. 30 X 5 CM

4) 10 X 4 CM

5) 13 X 10 CM

6) 20 X 6 CM

7) 13 X 10 CM

Step 3: Fitting of Slider

Make holes in the wood plate and fit drawer slider in this wood.

1st thing Line the saw up on the plywood. Then mark a line along the base of the saw, on the end that's the furthest from the blade. Measure the line from the edge of the plywood to the mark that was just made. Carry that same measurement the distance of the plywood.
Take a straight object to make a straight line. In my case I used a Aluminum tubing. Now trace the line from end (Im still referring to the very 1st line from the edge of the saw base) Next move your straight object (aluminum tubing). Now measure from the router bit to the end of the router base. That's the distance you want to set your straight object from the line that I drew out first.

Step 4: Join the Handle

Join Handle as the picture.

Step 5: Connect DC Motor

Connect DC Motor To wood plate using aluminum brackets.

Step 6: Join Handle Bar and Base Plate

Joint the handle and base using the hinge.

Step 7: Joint the All Material

Joint all materials to the dc motor.

Step 8: Wiring Diagram

Make wiring using pictures and supply 12-volt dc voltage.

Step 9: Experiment

Cut wood using this machine.

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    9 Discussions


    1 year ago

    This is a joke right? I don't mean the general idea, mostly just the execution.

    That motor shaft is no where near strong or rigid enough for the weight it's spinning, it looks liable to snap off and mess someone up.

    Plus the very obvious incorrect direction of rotation.


    1 year ago

    A DIY radial arm saw, more or less. And yes, I agree with all the people who have pointed out the safety issues. There's a reason miter saws have more or less replaced the radial arm saw.


    1 year ago on Step 9

    For the sake of your fingers reverse the polarity on the motor and turn the blade around so the cutting force pushes it towards the fence.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    I love the creativity and the problem solving, but having had a close call with table saw, the sight of this "naked blade" gave me shivers. Too much could go wrong in my opinion...


    1 year ago

    Nice but looks extremely dangerous. Add some plastic thing that protects the user from the blade.


    1 year ago

    This is a really cool project, kind of like a mini chop saw!

    Alex 2Q

    1 year ago


    I liked the write up and your video. The overall design gave me some ideas for a jig for my angle grinder.

    I would recommend some additional safety features to be built in for user protection. Also saying that this is a powerful table saw might be a little bit of an overstatement. I think this could be useful for making small props and projects using soft woods.

    Keep it up and good luck in the competition!


    1 year ago

    this is a nice and small saw for small pieces of wood.