How to Make Wood Fired Roasted Peppers



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Roasted peppers are a great addition to both pizzas and other types of salads, appetizers , sandwiches and entrees. They add a unique dimension of flavor and texture when done right . After experiencing this recipe, you will never purchase roasted peppers in a jar.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients & Equipments

  • Peppers (Red, Orange and Yellow)
  • Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Fresh thin sliced cloves of garlic


  • A Wood Fired pizza oven
  • A large heat proof bowl that will hold all the peppers comfortably
  • Piece of plastic wrap to cover the bowl
  • Long heat proof tongs
  • Heat proof gloves
  • A sharp paring knife and cutting board
  • An extra bowl or jar for storing the sliced the peppers

Step 2: Collect Red, Yellow and Orange or Combination of Those Peppers

You will need a bunch of red, yellow or orange or combination of those peppers. Choose from thick fleshed peppers that have a maximum of 4 lobes. The lobes are the creases that are observed on the outside of the pepper or bumps observed on the bottom.They should have thick firm flesh.

Take a large bowl that is made from heatproof glass or stainless steel. The bowl should comfortably contain all of the peppers that you are going to process and a large piece of plastic wrap to cover the bowl. A set of heatproof gloves and tongs to manoeuvre the hot peppers in the oven.

Step 3: Put Peppers in Wood Fired Oven

After you’ve started your wood fire in the oven you will reach a point when you were going to move the flaming woodpile slightly towards the back of the oven. At that point you will observe that the wood is all engulfed in flames and there are glowing charcoal pieces that are now on the floor of the oven. Once you've re-positioned the wood, you can now introduce all the peppers. They should be place d equidistant from the glowing coals, about 6 inches.

Once the peppers are positioned,return the door and leave that oven door cracked open. Wait about 3 or 4 minutes, remove the door and observe the peppers. They should be black at the side closest to the fire.

Step 4: Put the Roasted Peppers in Bowl and Cover With Plastic Wrap

Rotate the peppers once you've seen that the skin of the peppers has become charred black. Repeat this process until the skin of the pepper has been charred throughout top bottom and all sides. The idea is to get them nice and black but not to linger, as we do not want the internal part of the peppers to become too soft. As soon as you see the peppers are uniformly charred, remove them and placed them in the bowl and quickly cover them with the plastic wrap. Allow them to stay in the bowl for 20 minutes. The peppers will steam further and also have their temperature decrease to a point where you can handle them with your bare hands.

Step 5: Enjoy Wood Fired Roasted Peppers

Have a bowl or jar ready to receive the sliced peppers. Transfer the peppers, on at a time to a cutting board for processing. Using your fingers and a paring knife,you should remove any of the charred surfaces by scraping gently. Cut between the ribs to expose and flatten the inside of the pepper. Carefully trim any white pith that you may find in the ribs and the top and bottom. Be careful to discard all the seeds.

Slice the lobes into an appropriate size.Once you've processed all the peppers, transfer them to the bowl or jar. Add enough extra Virgin Olive oil to cover the peppers completely. You could sprinkle a little salt and then add finely sliced garlic and mix thoroughly.This should brighten the flavor and also preserve the peppers little longer when refrigerated. Use immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to a week.



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    7 weeks ago on Step 5

    Interesting recipe and moreover we can preserve it for late use. I love making pizza and sandwich. Surely, next time I will cook the pepper and add it to my appetizer...