Wood Glass Table With LED

Introduction: Wood Glass Table With LED

I will be making a coffeetable made out of wood and glass with a steel frame underneath. The second picture is a example of what we will be making, but with some minor changes.

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Step 1: Materials & Machinery

the materials you will be needing for this project is.(in mm)
1. steel tube( 50x30 or 40x30 will do the trick)( around 6 meter)
2. led strip(1000mm)
3. glass plate(1000x 150)
4. wooden log( 1000)
5. 4x 8mm woodbolt
6. plastic spacers

the machinery you will be needing for this project.
1. router with a flat bit
2. log saw(or drive to your local woodshop)
3. powerdrill with a 8 mm steel bit
4. tig/mig/mag welding machine
5. steelsaw(or drive to your local steel manufacturing company)
6. a 8 mm bolt driver
7. a 3-D printer(optinal)
8. table saw

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6: Framework

Here are the measurements i used for the framework of the table

Step 7: Woodwork

The wood i will be using for this table is American Walnut. The piece of wood has the measurments of 35-45 CM in width and 130 CM in length. I first started working on the woods surface with a planer and sander to make the wood flat and smooth. After cutting the wood to the correct length, i saw the wood in 2 pieces. To make a slot for the glass to rest on, i put the wood in a cnc machine.

Step 8: Assembly

The base of the table and the wooden panels are not directly fixed ''face-to-face''. But with spacers in between. these spacers i have made on a 3d-printer, But you can be creative with it. after fixing the wooden panels to the frame, i measured the dimensions that the glass panel had to have to fit snugly in the wooden frame, but still have some room for a led strip.

Step 9: LED Lights

I have put some led strips on the sides to give the table a modern twist

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    3 years ago

    The LEDs look great!!