Wood Glue Paste/Putty

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Sometimes wood glue is too thin for parts of certain projects. However, one can use wood glue to create a thicker paste to assist with filling in gaps and other aspects of woodworking, similar to wood filler:
- Sawdust and/or thin napkin
- Wood glue (I used Titebond)
- Fingers

Step 1: Mix Wood Glue

1. Put a little wood glue on the end of your finger.
2. Dip the wood glue into the sawdust and start to mix with your fingers.
3. Tear a piece of the napkin off and mix with the sawdust/wood glue.
4. Once it is well mixed into a small glob, push into a gap between pieces of wood.



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    6 months ago

    I dig the use of filler with glue. If you have a pencil sharpener with a trap to catch the shavings you could utilize that as well I would think. But I can get saw dust easy enough. Thanks for the tip.


    Tip 6 months ago

    Due to a lack of scale, I have no idea how big of a spot you were filling. I'll try this anyway. I get the idea.