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About: I am disabled and can't be on my feet for very long so I only do what I can. I am kind of just starting to really get into woodworking. I have been making hillbilly smoking pipes and walking sticks and canes...

I found a way to save the cost on my wood glue. I figured I would try out mixing my Elmer's wood glue with a cheaper school glue. I figured spending $.50 on a 4 oz. bottle of the school glue wasn't going to kill me. I went and bought a bottle and mixed i would say less then an ounce of the wood glue with the cheap school glue.

1. I prepared 2 peaces of scrap wood so that both were smooth .

2. I spread a thin layer of the glue mix on both peaces of wood.

3. I clamped the 2 wood peaces together and let it dry for a few hours.

I went back and took the clamps off and tried to break the wood peaces apart but they wouldn't budge. I even took a chisel and tried to pry the wood apart but the glue held strong.

Always keep an open mind and try new things. And you don't have to spend a great amount to discover a great thing.




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    3 years ago

    It is a good option to use white glue indeed as wood glue unless it is an outdoor project or you live on a very humid place, glue will eventualy weaken if it is a big furniture. But in case of small prjects, white glue is a good substitute or even as standard

    Good Luck!

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    3 years ago

    You dont even need to spend any money just add a little bit of water and the glue will go a lot further without reducing the strength significantly.

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