Wood Ocarina Made of Walnut





Introduction: Wood Ocarina Made of Walnut

About: I am a TCK, which means I spent a lot of my childhood in a foreign country. Africa to be exact. I am currently making a short 15 minute film called "the sword of fire" I filmed it over a year ago with my ...

I made this before there were any tutorials online about wood ocarinas, now there is one by gladiator Bob, you can find it here

I have never played an ocarina before, so I had to do a lot of research to learn how they work.  I found the greenverdugo website to be very helpful in learning how clay ocarinas are made, and I transferred those techniques to woodworking .  Their website can be found here

I am thinking about selling these in the near future, after I improve my technique.  I may also make a full instructable if I choose to make more.



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Deku wood is getting harder to find these days... I believe Deku tree are now considered endangered in the CITES list of protected wildlife. The only legal way to obtain it now days is to find old items made from it, like shields.

I am working on my second one now, It is being made of African mahogany that I got in a village in West Africa. It is bigger, better shaped, and will have more notes. I also want to inlay a triforce on it, probably with rosewood or mother of pearl. I'm sure inlaying on a curved surface will be a challenge!

amazing (;

I'm sorry, I don't. I don't actually know how to play it yet. :D It only has 9 notes (8 holes), and the highest two are really airy. Next time I will make it bigger, (to get lower notes) and give it a proper 10 or 12 holes.

Yes, very nice.