Wood Pallet Mini Bar





Introduction: Wood Pallet Mini Bar

How to build a rustic wood pallet minibar in 7 easy steps.

Step 1: What You Will Need...




3 Wooden Pallets

Step 2: Counter and Back

1) Move wood around to make smooth top for table.

2) Cut Pallet in half.

3) Nail counter and back together flush.

Step 3: Legs

1) Disassemble other pallets.

2) Cut to same lengths.

3) Nail or screw legs and bracing together.

Step 4: Wine Glass Rack

1) Measure Distance.

2) Drill hole for diameter of wine glass stem

3) Use skill saw to cut a straight line on each side of hole for space to slide wine glass in.

Step 5: Wine Bottle Rack

1) Make jig for 1 1/4" drill bit on a 45 degree angle.

2) Measure space for 4 holes on one half of back.

3) Drill through using jig.

Step 6: Hangers

1) Use 3 spoons (Preferably Silver plated with a nice design).

2) Hammer spoons down flat.

3) Bend the 3 spoons around a wooden block for same shape.

4) Drill through spoons.

5) Measure and space for the 3 spoons.

6) Attach to back using screws.

Step 7: Sand

1) Sand down Table for nice smooth finish.

2) Remove and sharp burs or splinters.

(Optional: Keep stamps and marks of the pallets for unique rustic look)

Step 8: Finish

1) Use a clear coat or wood stain for a nice finish.



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    2 years ago

    Nice ! I keep it in mind...

    That came out looking really nice. If you're going for the rustic look in your house, this fits in perfectly. Your idea for an ice bucket cutout was a good one too.

    Great idea! This is exactly what I should make with my extra pallet wood. I think I'll add some X-shaped shelves on the bottom for wine storage. Don't forget to mount a bottle opener!

    This is too cool - You are very talented! I could see this in my house, and love the added ideas that could be incorporated. Great imagination! Hope you rec'd top marks for your class project!!

    I seriously love this. I want to make one now. With a little shelf for beer cases. keep booze up top beer and mixer down in the rack hang glasses made from whiskey bottles and mason jars from the spoons.

    1 reply

    That's a great idea also! Was going to cut a hole in one side of the table for an ice bucket to sit in, but sadly ran out of time on the project (was for a class). Honestly the best thing about this is you have endless possibilities. All up to your imagination and ideas. But thanks for the comments! :)

    that's awsome

    This is a neat idea. We are working on a few pallet projects on our end too.