Wood Pallet Planter

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Intro: Wood Pallet Planter

Together with a colleague from work we decided to make our own garden furniture.

The idea came from the best wessite in the world: www.instructables.com

Because every week at our work we throw away valuable pallets, we know these are excellent for our projects!

As you can search for on instructables, there are enough instructables on how to breakdown a pallet, so no need to explain this here.

What i can explain you is how we made the planter.

In the first photo's you see the result, and in the last 2 you see some of the

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. Wood pallets.You will find them everywhere. There are plenty of people that throw them away who work at a warehouse.The planter is made from multiple pallets, approx. the same width all around. The only saw cuts we had to made where just for length
  2. Screws: to hold it all tghether
  3. Screwdriver:how else do you get the screws in the wood
  4. Electric drill with a drill bit. You need to drill a hole on the place where you want your screw, or else the wood will split! don't ignore tis step, it looks a lot more nicer if your wood isn't split where the screw is.
  5. Measurement tape: Because you need to measure twice, cut once!

Step 2: The Build

unfortunately i did not made pictures of the build itself,

Hopefully i can explain it with the sketches i made.

We started with 3 rows of a long board and a small board from the pallets.
These don't need to be cut. They are 120 cm and 80 cm long.

Then connect the pieces, we cut 4 legs at a length of 47 cm ( so the bottom of the bottom row will suspend 2 cm above the ground) and screwed them in place on the rows. The rows will be connected by these legs

On the corners we can connect now the sides. as you maybe can see in the third photo.

Do this for all the sides.

Also attached you'll find the sketchUp file i made.

Step 3: Fill It With Dirt

One easy step.

Just fill it with dirt or special soil for plants.

Inside i used a special canvas so the dirt does not touch the wood to prevent it from rotting away.

So we can enjoy the planter as long as possible

Step 4: Enjoy!

Before i forget to mention it:

Put the planter on its final place before you fill it up!

Otherwise it is too heavy to carry with one person!

Next, fill it up with nice plants and enjoy!

I hope to get some nice reactions, and by time, i will put up more instructables!



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