Wood Photo Transfer




In this instructable, we have outlined the steps necessary to transfer your favorite photo to a slice of wood to use as a fun decoration or gift.

Materials needed:

1. One can of clear acrylic high gloss coating.

2. One or more 5" slices of wood (or size that best fits your needs).

3. One pair of scissors.

4. One or more 8x11 sheets of silhouette temporary tattoo paper.

5. One or more digital pictures of choice.

6. One damp wash cloth.

7. Access to an Inkjet printer.

Step 1: Print Image to Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper

Warning: When printing to the silhouette paper, make sure to follow the instructions on the silhouette temporary tattoo paper package for how to print to the paper. The direction of the paper in the printer does matter.

Using the inkjet printer, print your image to the silhouette temporary tattoo paper. Make sure the size of the image on the paper will fit on the slice of wood.

Step 2: Cut Image to Shape/size of Wood Slice

Warning: Please use caution while operating scissors.

Trace and cut the image, which is printed on the silhouette temporary tattoo paper, so that it will fit how you like on the slice of wood. For best results, trim the image so that the borders of the image are as close to the edges of the slice of wood as possible.

Step 3: Transfer Photo to Slice of Wood

Warning: Before placing image on wood, ensure the wood surface is clear of debris.

Remove the clear sheet from the tattoo paper and carefully place the image face (image side down) down onto the piece of wood. Take extra care to center the image on the wood.

Carefully dab and press the wet cloth onto the back of the photo. Make sure to get every spot on the image damp because dry spots will not transfer.

Step 4: Carefully Remove Paper From Wood Slice

Note: During this step, if the paper is difficult to remove, carefully continue to dab the paper with a wet cloth until it can easily be pealed off.

The image should become visible through the paper as it gets wet. Once it has reached this point, carefully and slowly peal the paper from the slice of wood.

Step 5: Let Wood Dry

Let the wood piece sit for 5-10 minutes to dry.

Step 6: Spray Clear Acrylic High Gloss Coating Onto Wood Slice

Warning: The can of clear acrylic high gloss coating has health and use instructions. These instructions should be read and followed when using the spray. It is also recommended to place the slice of wood on a surface you do not mind potentially ruining with the acrylic spray.

At this point, you should be able to clearly see the image on the slice of wood. To protect the image from physical wear and tear, spray the piece of wood with the clear acrylic high gloss coating. Always make sure to follow the instructions printed on the can of spray.



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for posting @Swansong. Were you able to give this project a shot?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Not yet, but I am thinking of doing something like this for Christmas this year. :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    That is exactly what I had in mind for it. I intend on making some for my father.