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Introduction: Wood Picture Art

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This wood picture art project is a simple way to transfer a picture onto a piece of wood. The size of the picture and piece of wood is up to you. I used a piece of wood the size of a normal sheet of paper. Your going to need a few special supplies for this project. That includes mod-podge, and gloss gel medium. You will also need to print a picture I would recommend getting one printed from a store rather than on paper. I used normal paper and laser printer. When I printed the picture I used the mirror image when printing it so when you lay it down it will transfer to the correct side.

this mod podge stuff is awesome

Step 1: Supplies and Tools:

Supplies and Tools:

Block of wood

mod podge

gloss gel medium



wash cloth


Step 2: Making

Once you have you piece of wood that your gonna use and the picture to fit the wood you'll start making your art. The first things to use a brush to paint on the Gel medium and cover the piece of wood. The you place your picture face down onto the piece of wood you just add the medium onto. Press down with your fingers to get out all of the air bubbles under the picture between the wood. You are going to wanna let this dry over night now.

Once it has dried you going to wanna finish the art. You are going to wanna take a wet wash clothes and wipe of the paper from the picture leaving just the ink left on the wood. Make sure not to wipe off the ink off the wood. The paper should come off pretty easy. Once you have it all wiped off you are going to wanna wipe down the wood picture with your mod-podge stuff. Use a brush and cover it completely.

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