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About: I am 20 years old Polish teen :D I play electric guitar, like programming and arduino :)

A few months ago I have created this beautiful portable speaker :)
It has only 3W (if you want more you can use other amp) but this is enough powerful to "lake play".
At the end you can see, improved version with high-freq speaker on the top and handle.
Let's see it :)

(Sorry for the poor photos, they come from messenger :/)


Step 1: Parts:


  • Large MDF (6mm)
  • 3x A4 felt peaces
  • Some screws & brackets & nuts
  • Thread (to sew felt)


  • Speaker (100mm, 3W, 8Ohm)
  • PAM8403 (3W stereo amp)
  • 18650 cell
  • Jack 3,5mm socket
  • Socket for charging cell (for example microphone socket or jack...)
  • Switch
  • Logarithmic(!) potentiometer
  • Wires

On photo you can see 2xswitches and more holes - no matter :P

Step 2: Cutting MDF

You need to cut from MDF:

  • 2x 125mm x 125mm (UP/DOWN)
  • 2x 125mm x 113mm (SIDES)
  • 2x 113mm x 113mm (FRONT/BACK)

In one 113 x 113 you need to drill a hole for a speaker and in one SIDE plate you need to cut smaller hole (about 25mm).

Using sandpaper you can smooth holes and edges.

Step 3: Connections an Felt

Before connecting wood parts ( screws , brackets , nuts) you need to fix felt to the walls . I sewed them , you can use glue or stapler.

For better sound you could put inside wadding :)

Step 4: Wires...

Wiring is very simple as you can see.
I connected left and right channels to one speaker through potentiometer.

Thats ALL! :D

Step 5: Improved Version

This version has a handle and high frequency speaker on the top (connected parallel to the main speaker).

Have a nice day :)



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Oh s..t... I have not told about it. I use standard li-ion microUSB charger, it is hiden between side wall and back.
    Today this speaker has bigger up to 30W speaker with 15W amp + tweeter on the top (different one than this one int the post with grill). Of course it needs more power so I use double 3.2v to 12v booster and 3 cells 18650. Have a nice day!


    3 years ago

    Good job! However, I am a bit confused to see no boost converter here. The Amp board requires atleast 5v while 18650's can only provide 3.7v. So how were you able to get this thing to work?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    If cell is full charged it gives 4.2v that's enough :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Oh, I didn't know that before! I had made a similar speaker and checked it for the first time with a single 18650. Worked like a charm! It's true that questioning helps you to learn more. Thanks for telling :)