Wood Quilt Square Wall Decoration




Create this beautiful and rustic wood quilt square using only wood, wood glue, and stain.

Materials Needed for Wood Quilt Square:

1. 1" x 2" boards (4)

2. Wood glue

3. Plywood (any kind other than OSB)

Step 1: Cut Your Boards

First, cut your plywood. The following plans are for a 40" x 40" quilt square. Cut your plywood to 40" square. This will be the base of your quilt square.

You'll need to cut your 1"x2"s in two different ways. Both types will be mitered cuts, but some pieces will have a flat end, while others will not.

Here are the measurements you will need. ("Long to short” means there will be 45 degree angles on both ends, “at long end” means there is one 45 degree angle end and one flat (90 degree angle) end):

  • 7" long to short x 16
  • 4 1/4" at long end x 8
  • 2 3/4" at long end x 8
  • 1" at long end x 8
  • 3 1/2" at long end x8
  • 2" at long end x 8

As you can see in the picture, my measurements were not perfect, but the ones I have provided should make a near perfect square when assembled.

Step 2: Lay Out Your Pieces

Assemble your pieces into a square. The diagram above provides the measurements and the placement for each piece. If your pieces overhang off the plywood, don't worry. You can fix it later.

Step 3: Stain and Glue Your Pieces

Next, use your stain to stain the pieces. I separated the boards out by length and flipped half of them over to make sure I was staining the correct sides. Let the stain dry for the directed amount of time.

Mark the middle of your plywood with a +. You can extend the line all the way to the end so you know where to line up your pieces.

When the pieces are dry, use wood glue to glue the pieces how you’d like them. Refer to the diagram for arrangement. Clamp or weight down your pieces as you go. If you have great tools, use them. If you’re like me, use Bibles, Harry Potter books, Don Quixote, old college textbooks….anything you can find. This will help the glue adhere to the wood.

Let the wood glue dry per the glue directions.

Step 4: Trim and Frame Your Wood Quilt Square

As you can see, the plywood extends past the pieces. With a 40″ square, the pieces should line up close to the edge. Next, cut the overhanging pieces with a jigsaw. You should be left with an approximately 40″ square with no overhang. Finally, frame the pieces with 1″ x 2″ mitered cut pieces. I just used wood glue and glued them upside down, but you could also glue and nail if you feel like it is not secure enough.

Step 5: Hang or Display Your Project

Mount with a sawtooth hanger or cleat and display your beautiful project!



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    This is really great, I can see these going down well, a flag version would be awesome


    2 years ago

    This would make an amazing floor! Replicated as you say, like a quilt across an entire room.


    2 years ago

    Wow wow wow! This turned out awesome!! Looks like a lot of work but very worth it


    2 years ago

    Super cool design.


    2 years ago

    Oh.. I really like this!

    It might be pretty complicated to make, but I think a six-sides snowflake pattern would be stunning! I may have to try that sometime. Thank you for sharing. I'm inspired! :)