Wood Ring




This is my first ever instructable, so I know I should have included more pictures. I made this ring for my girlfriend for her birthday (she loved it)

Step 1: Supplies

The stuff you need:
-wood, of course. I used a scrap piece of hardwood flooring.
-Hole saw drill bit that is slightly bigger than what the outside diameter of the ring will be.
-Paddle bit or other drill bit to drill the inside of the ring where your finger will go.
- Dremel to sand and I also used a belt sander to sand some of it.
- Wood stain of any kind you want.
- woodburner to create designs like the heart I made on mine.

Step 2: Drilling.

I don't have pictures for this step, sorry. To drill the ring out, first drill a little with the hole saw, then switch to the drill bit for the center. Drill the center out completely, then switch back to hole saw bit and carefully drill it out entirely. now you basically have a rough, flat , sharp edged ring.

Step 3: Sanding and Detailing.

In this step, use the dremel, sander/sandpaper to shape the ring into something more desirable. Also, in this step I used my woodburner to burn a heart shape into the wood, then I sanded down around the outside of the heart to make it stand out and be raised a little from the surface of the ring.

Step 4: Staining.

After you are satisfied with how your ring is shaped, it's time to stain. Pour some stain into some type of container you can submerge the ring fully into the stain. leave it overnight, then return in the morning to take it out and allow it to dry.

Step 5: Finished Product!

The ring is now finished for you to wear proudly, or to give to someone special.

Step 6:



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