Wood Stained Longboard

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a tribal looking longboard. Please don't forget to vote if you liked my project

Step 1: Making the Shape

To make I shape, I used adobe illustrator on the computer but if you want to hand draw it it will work also. After I drew the outline i prints it out and traced it on the wood ( I used the shape above ).

Step 2: Wood

Finding the right wood for longboards can be hard because you need a wood that is very flexible so it won't brake. My recommendation on wood is plywood because it has many layers so it is very flexible.

Step 3: Cutting

To cut out the shape, I used a jig saw. After I cut it I used a router to sand down the edges. You do not need a router but I will look at lot better. You can also use coarse sand paper

Step 4: Staining

Before I stained I put tape on the board where I didn't want the stain. Then, I pre stained the board so it would have a more even coating. Next, I picked out three of my favorite stains and used them on the board. After and hour, I peeled off the tape.

Step 5: Adding Pattern

After I peeled off the tape, I waited over night for the board to completely dry. Then, I drew o. With pencil the design I wanted to stain on. Then, I got three of my darkest stain and used a paintbrush to paint the stain on the board. When I finished I waited another hour and dabbed of the excess stain with a paper towel.



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    3 years ago

    Nice board! I'm planning to stain mine as well and I've been trowling the internet looking for ideas. Your instructable has given me a couple new ones to consider, thank you!