Wood Table and Chair With Joints Only

Introduction: Wood Table and Chair With Joints Only

This is the first post of finished work utilizing Ohio University's CNC router. The project was assigned in part with an exploratory class beginning May 13th, 2013. After experimenting in a 3D rendering program, Rhino, the class divided into teams to employ the CNC router on a project of their own creation.

"Team Table" aimed to create a weight-bearing, snap-together end table and kid's chair that required no glues, nails, or adhesives. The finished product would snap together (and apart) with spring joints cut by the CNC router.


The first step involved modeling and cutting test joints to affirm the router's proper calibration and the validity of joint's construction.

Second, a 3D rendering of the complete table and chair was created in Rhino. The rendered panels were arranged  in 3D space to assess their viability, and in on a 2D plane to maximize material utilization. Then the Rhino file was converted into "g-code," which is read by the CNC router for precision cutting.

Finally, each panel was sanded to clean up "bridges"
left behind from the CNC router and ensure a snug
fit from each joint.
Rhino Files:
Team Table Members:

Chris Willy

Jon Carnahan

Tyler Jones


Ohio CNC would like give thanks for the opportunity to experiment with CNC routing. Ohio University fostered a population of students whereby this class could benefit from diverse prospectives and varied skill-sets. Students and instructors, alike, gained knowledge and experience through extensive collaboration and experimentation. Namely, we thank Siavash for guidance and instruction on utilizing "g-code" to automate the CNC router, and Tanner for access to and instruction on various wood-shop equipment. Finally, Ohio CNC thanks David Colagiovanni for leading the summer ART3900 class with steady support and candid feedback.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    why can't you share the plans on here? and the build process as well?
    seeing more than one photo could really help someone who is new to woodworking, and sharing the plans here would stop you receiving ~1,000,000 requests to share them...

    Arnold Ziphle

    This looks like a nice design and project to build. Access to the Rhino files requires permission. I sent a request through Google, hopefully permission will be granted.