Wood Timeclock Nook Cover

Wanted to make my wife a nook cover for something different and i didn't like her pink one, so i had to make more manly one for when i use it.
Items needed:
3/8 "  x 24" x 24" wood
Couple packs of time clocks and sprockets ( craft store)
A piece of plexiglass 4 1/2 " x 7 1/2"
24" x 3/4" x  7/16" thick wood ( craft store)
4 small gold screws
A pair of hinges
Some Wood Glue
Some Super Glue
Hot glue gun

screw driver
tape measure

Time: About 2 hours all put together

Step 1: Wood Timeclock Nook Cover

Step one.
The Nook is 5" x 8 1/8".
This Step we use the 3/8" thick wood we got.
I start by cutting the front and back pieces with a jigsaw. Each piece was 6 1/2" x 9 9/16".
I then cut the top layer of wood for the front of the cover.  2 pieces 1 1/16" x 6 1/2"  & 2 pieces 1 1/16" x 7 7/16"

Put the bottom piece to the side while we put the front together. Take the four strips for the front top layer and lay it out on the front piece, Lining each strip up to the edge of the front piece. Glue the edge piece on with wood glue. Let sit for awhile. 

Take the 24" x 3/4" x  7/16" thick wood and cut the edge pieces for the bottom piece. The nook will go inside this edge and they will be the nook sides. For the edge pieces you would need two pieces cut 6 1/2" long and 2 pieces 8 1/16" long.
Once the edge pieces are cut, line them around the bottom piece. Now lay the nook onto the bottom piece, and mark on the edge pieces where the auto out put is, the charger connection, the power button, and the volume buttons. Cut the edge piece where it been marked. (this is a little hard with jigsaw and small craft wood)
Glue the edge pieces onto the bottom with wood glue. Let sit for awhile 

Step 2: Wood Timeclock Nook Cover

While we give the bottom piece a couple minutes to dry, we can work on the front piece decorations.
I found these clocks and sprockets packs at a craft store for 1/2 price.( Would of been better if i could cut my own to add more of a original feel to it, but time and tools prevented it at this time. )

I lay the piece on out to figure out how i wanted the front to be laid out. This cover had about 35 pieces for the front design ( lucky for the sale price). After a couple of adjustments, i figure out a design I liked. Take a picture of the design, so later when it's time for it to be hot glued to the front cover you're prevent mistakes.

The bottom and top pieces should be done drying by now, lay the bottom piece on the table (power gap on bottom piece should be closest to you). Line the top piece up with the bottom piece with the front of cover on top. Take a rubber band and wrap it around the cover. Turn the cover onto it's right side, line the hinges on the left side. Screw the hinges onto the cover. Once the hinges are screwed one, screw them off for painting.

Step 3: Wood Timeclock Nook Cover

Time to put the finishing touches.
Spray paint the nook cover (without hinges). I used Stone! Metallic which fit well with the over all theme of the cover. Spray the whole cover, inside and out. Once dry, take the front piece and lay it in front of you. Make sure the side with hinge holes are on your left side. Start hot gluing the front design onto the nook cover. Make sure the design doesn't stack to high, got to leave room for the plexiglass.

Next, take the four tiny screws and screw them into each corner of the front piece inner design. Screw them down just enough to make the plexiglass even with the top layer of nook cover. Take some super glue and glue the plexiglass onto the screws to cover the front time work design.

Once you screw the hinges together the nook is done.



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    6 years ago on Step 3

    Might I suggest some felt or something soft on the inside front cover to help protect the screen

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Good suggestion. I want to add a felt on the cover side and couple straps to the nook holder. Also would like to add a hatch for easy travels.