Turned Wood Fishing Plugs

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These are some plugs I turned on my drill press "lathe" which came out surprisingly nice. I painted on the details and then fed a wrapped wire through with an loop on one side for the eye of the lure and another loop going through the eye of the hook on the other end. On the hook I tied on some marabou (which is the down feathers from a chicken) and on others; buck tail (just what the name says, it is hair from a whitetail deer's tail) and some flash (strands of synthetic flashy stuff) these materials are all used commonly in Fly Tying . I have yet to try out any of these, however spring is upon us and I'm itching to get out on the water and give them a try. Suggestions welcome!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    If I were swimming in a river and feeling a bit peckish, I would totally leap out of the water to eat one of these turned wood fishing plugs. Even after discovering the hook in my lip, I would appreciate that the fly had been turned on a drill press lathe. Innovative.

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