Woodturning Werkplaats IDC




Introduction: Woodturning Werkplaats IDC

Here's a tutorial on how to use a lathe. Follow all the steps and you'll do fine.

NOTE: Not all steps will comply for you, the suction system for instance is necessary in our school to keep it dust free.

Maxim Monsecour & Janwit Changsura
Students Industrial Product Design
Howest Kortrijk

Step 1: Get Your Material

The things you'll need:

  • Chisels
  • Beits or varnish
  • Dust mask
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Lathe
  • Safety goggles

Step 2: Prepare Your Work Space

Prepare your work space. If you want to work efficiently, you’ll need to keep the dust ventilated so turn on the ventilation. And make sure you work in a clean space. Don’t be that guy who keeps everything dirty.

Step 3: Design

Make your design and transfer it on the block of wood. Take a piece of cardboard to make a cutout of your shape, it will make your life a little bit easier. Make a cross on the sides so you’ll where to put the block on the lathe.

Step 4: Make It Square

To make sure your block of wood is tangent, cut the sides with a straight saw of put it through the plainer.

Step 5: Setting Up the Machine

Loosen the black handle and slide it into place. Keep in mind to keep a little place so you have some space to put in the block with no hassle. Center the block with the crossings you’ve drawn on both sides.

Slide the locking part a bit closer to lock it firmly. Loosen the top handle and turn the wheel on the side to lock into place. When it’s done make sure the top handle is towards you to make sure it’ll keep the block in place.

Loosen the sliding tool and make it’s just higher than the center of the block of wood. Just to make sure you’re not to close, spin the block around and see if it’s close but not blocking it. And lock it when it’s in place.

Step 6: Setting Up the Guiding Tool

Loosen the tool rest and make it’s just higher than the center of the block of wood. Just to make sure you’re not to close, spin the block around and see if it’s close but not blocking it. And lock it when it’s in place.

Step 7: Turning on the Lathe

Press the green button and adjust the speed you want to let it spin. And than adjust the spin direction. It’s advised to let it spin towards you or it won't work.

Step 8: The Technique

Now for the technique. Rest your index finger in the curve of the tool rest and let the chisel rest on it. Lock it with your thumb and hold it firmly with your other hand at the end.

Step 9: Work It, Turn It, Repeat It

And now let’s start working. Always slide from the same direction and try to keep a buffer zone of at least a cm to be sure you’ll not slide off.. Don’t start sliding before the block, don’t be that guy. You’ll damage the lathe and the chisel.

Step 10: Adjust the Design

If have a curved or tapered design, it helps to put the sliding tool at an angle. Just loosen the hand, put everything into place an lock it again.

Step 11: Working on the Details

When you almost have the right diameter, take your cutout and measure where need to adjust. It helps if you make marks, just spin it on a low speed and rest the tip of your pen on the spot.

Step 12: Make Cutouts for the Ends

Make a cut on the place where you’ll need to cut it off. This will help you later on. Furthermore keep on working untill you have the right shape and remember to use your cutout to make sure you have the right curve.

Step 13: Sanding

When you’re happy with the outcome you’ll still need to sand it. Start off with a low grid like P80. Make sure you keep moving sanding paper by sliding it sideways. Work your way up with the sanding paper to finish it.

Step 14: Finishing It Off

If you don’t want to keep your object blank use some varnish or BEITS. Put some on a piece of fabric and do the same motion as with the sanding paper. Work your way from one direction to the other to make sure everything has somewhat of the same amount.

Step 15: Cut It, Sand It and Use It

Cut off the irrelevant parts on the band saw. And sand it if it’s not flat

Step 16: Always Clean Your Mess

Clean your work space when you’re finished.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Goeie beschrijving hoor en mooie foto's. Nog een kleine tip: maak een verdieping op de lijnen die je hebt getekend met een houte hamer en een beitel aan de kant van de "drive center". Het stuk hout zit dan steviger in de houtdraaibank . Dit zeker als je grotere stukken gaat draaien.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Bedankt voor de feedback!


    3 years ago

    Very cool skill to have


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes, it's so much fun