Wood Vape Mod Box Levermod™

No Wires. No switches. No electronics.

Levermod uses 0.5" X 0.32" bar copper as battery connector, conductor and switch. Same as #8 awg solid copper wire rated for 60 amps continuous @ 70° F (0.000625 ohms/ft) Device total resistance is well under 0.0 ohms.

A true mechanical box mod that has the lowest possible total resistance copper can provide.

Tested at 0.03 ohms coil builds (beyond the limits of safe vaping), this design can easily handle the maximum wattage that any two 18650 high amp batteries can give. For experienced vapers only, this box mod is not recommended for beginners.

Step 1: Cut, Glue, Sand and Finish.

It takes between two and five days to make one of these.

[[Video(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwi0W0dis2c) ]]



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2 Discussions


2 years ago

very interesting...but there are no real instructions (i watched the video, too, and i dislike video tutorials). where do you get the copper bits and bobs? bar stock should be easy enough to find, but there is more to it than that...