Wood Veneer Business Cards




Introduction: Wood Veneer Business Cards

A little twist on a traditional business card. Simple, but with the use of a a unique material, wood.


Wood veneer (www.inventables.com)
Spray paint
Access to a CNC laser engraver (www.techshop.ws)


1. Paint one side of your wood veneer with your choice of color of spray paint. I painted only one side so the wood grain wood contrast on the back.

2. Design a card in Corel Draw. I went with a super simple design, and shaped the card as a small rectangle with rounded corners. Set the letters to engrave and the boundaries to cut according to the given settings for the CNC laser engraver. 

3. Set the laser to begin etching. The laser will etch away the painted surface to reveal any design or information you can imagine on your own card.

4. Polish the wood veneer. I prefer tea tree or orange oil.

5. Pass out your super unique wooden business cards! 

And I made it at TechShop, Detroit!

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    Fun! I have been wanting to work with veneer for a while! Thanks for the tutorial :)