Wooden Wall Clock




Here is my First Wall Clock made in wood !

Please do tell how it is and suggestions to make it better.

Step 1: Assorted Wood Blocks

Got some Assorted wood blocks from the Carpenter for 10 bucks ( that's actually cheap)

1. Organised according to shapes.

2. Arranged them into square and marked them with numbers ( as its easy when you working ) which one goes where!

Step 2: Where the Machine Goes!

When to buy the machine they say that it gonna cost 90 bucks and for dials 20 extra , so went and bought a new wall watch with cost me 120 bucks with a battery :p ( I win )

Made a slot in the center wood so that the machine can fit in!

Worked really hard and spent lots of time on this as I didn't had right tools to do it! but finally got what i need.

Step 3: Sanding the Blocks

Sanding the blocks is so much fun! ( kidding) no its not fun. Didn't had sanding machine so did all blocks with sandpaper took way long time!

Wanted to leave as it is but the blocks where uneven so had to sand them.

Step 4: Fixing All on to a Sheet of Wood!

Got a recycle wood sheet and attached all blocks to it

Step 5: Resin Top

So I wanted to make the clock mirror finish. So added Resin to it! and got this effect on the wood, It popped natural color and design on wood.

The resign which I bought was not a good one!. As the hardener was in yellowish color and after mixing it I got light yellow color shade not clear white .

Please suggest me some good Resin mix.... :)

Step 6: Done!

So finally got this one!

Dear Instructors , Please let me know how is it! ? :)



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