Wood Watch Holder





Introduction: Wood Watch Holder

About: Hi I'm a young maker I love woodworking and a lot of other things Subscribe to my YouTube channel justrandom and my gaming channel itslion I hope you like my projects so bye

By the way I'm putting this in the Beyond the comfort zone Contest and the reason was because I barely worked with wood before

Step 1: Prep

I Used Walnut And birch wood For It (tip Dry Run The design Before The Glue)

Step 2: The Glue

Apply a good amount of glue I used wood glue

Step 3: Wait

Let it dry for 24 hours

Step 4: Cut

Sorry I don't have a picture right now but when I do it will be uploaded as soon as possible!

Step 5: Done

Good job



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    ditto to the previous comment

    So, prep, glue, wait, and it magically turns out like that?!? Cool watch holder but would have been nice to see how you did it.