Wood and Metal NASA Sign





Introduction: Wood and Metal NASA Sign

About: We create amazing levitation projects using electromagnets.

..because outer space is rad.

Step 1: Materials

8 inch X 24 inch 22 Gauge Sheet Metal

1/2 inch MDF cut to 8 inch X 24 inch

1/2 inch Aluminum Spacers

Red Paint

Wood Screws

D Ring Frame Hanger

NASA letters

Step 2: Cut and Paint

Cut NASA letters out of 1/2 inch birch plywood, then paint.

Step 3: Drill Work

Drill holes through MDF and sheet metal

Step 4: Spacers

Fasten the aluminum spacers and letters to the sheet metal/MDF.

Step 5: Hang

Fasten the D-Ring Frame Hanger to the MDF and hang!



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    1 year ago

    Could you be more in-depth with where and how you placed your spacers as well as how you fastened them to the letters. I would love to build one but I dont know much about this sort of thing.

    This is really cool :) I wish I had a laser cutter!

    1 reply