Wood and Water Fountain

Introduction: Wood and Water Fountain

nice ambient and humidifier

kind of mixes nature and modern style

+benefit: its easy to clean, you can just take out the whole aquarium

Step 1: Prepare Tools and Materials

Step 2: Create the Stand

Step 3: Prepare Fountain Wood

Step 4: Attach the Fountain Wood

Step 5: Preparare Foam and Aquarium Pump

Use knife or scissors, be careful!

The foam reduces pump noise + the water drip sound is nicer + avoids water splash

Step 6: Connect Aquarium, Pump and Wood Stand Together

+ add water

Step 7: Details From Back

there is an additional pipe on the photos, but it is not connected, it used to drain the aquarium, when changing water

Step 8: Details From Left/right

Step 9: Details From Front

Step 10: Enjoy


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    4 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago

    Nice look! How did you treat the wood to avoid rotting?


    Reply 1 year ago

    I didn't treat the wood, its all natural. Actually it's part of an experiment how the wood will react. Please note I'm stoping the fountain for the night, so there is a dry out period, especially when heating is on. Sometimes the fountain is off even for couple of days.


    Reply 1 year ago