Wood Carving of PSY

Introduction: Wood Carving of PSY

About: Hello guys. Rolens184, Rolens for friends. on this channel will find a little of everything. wood work performed by me and other small experiments and funny videos. in short, what I have in my head. The cha...

Print of the PSY profile

Step 1: Wood Carving of PSY

Step 2: Finishing

Step 3: Watch the Full Video



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    4 Discussions

    Man it would be awsome if you used your talent to carve out something beautiful, with this you also did a great job, but it would be even better if you, for example, carved out some vintage, flower-leaf-type ornaments on furniture, it's a subtle job, however I believe you could manage it!!

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    Thank you very much. I think in the future I will publish something more elaborate and more ornamental. these are small jobs done at leisure. My real work concerns objects much more complex and elaborate. greetings.

    sorry for my english !

    Whoa, that some impressive carving. The finished Psy looks great!

    Welcome to the site. I hope you'll share more of your projects with us!

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    thanks. I start today with this site. In the next days i will post other works. however you can find some works in my youtube channel.