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Introduction: Wood Lathe Tool Rest Rebuild / Repair

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This is how I rebuilt the tool rest on my wood lathe.  The original casting was to be blunt a piss poor effort that had ridiculously thin side walls and it smashed to pieces in less than 24 hours of getting the lathe going, the first time i used the rest in its fully extended position the force was just to great and the thin walled casting snapped like a twig.

It had been a hassle to get the lathe shipped to me in N, Ireland from the mainland and i decided to repair the tool rest rather than go through the hassle of sending part of the lathe back, which would have cost a fortune in shipping fees

I rebuilt the tool rest from a piece of channel iron and kept the socket part of the casting and secured it to the channel iron with set screws. I also welded ends onto the channel iron and drilled them so the original cam lock mechanism could be used.  Unfortunately this was in my pre Instructable days and i have no record of how it was done.

Unfortunately the casting was not the only thing that was substandard, the locking cam turned out to be very soft indeed and bent due to the pressure and it finally reached the stage where there was no more threads left on the bolt to take up the slack from the bowed cam.  rebuilding an of center cam would prove difficult as I don't have access to a metal lathe with a 4 jaw chuck and then there would be the tempering that would be needed to stop it from bending again. So i decided to go back to basics and have a simple bolt affair, it takes a bit longer to set the tool rest but it holds much better than the cam lock ever did.

I had access to a friends milling machine so i decided to used that as i had never got to use one before, I could have done a good enough job with an angle grinder and some files, but then why give up an opportunity to use a milling machine and have it done to a better standard.

Its slightly slower to set this new tool rest up but it does hold much more solidly than the cam lock ever did.

This Ible will only be of use to the few who have this type of tool rest and have been unlucky enough to have it break. Or it may be of use for those who are building a wood lathe.

Thanks for looking.

PS.  sorry about the grainy pictures, I got a new camera phone and it does not have a built in flash and the shed lighting is not yet up to spec.



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    I've made a couple of tool rests. This is one I made for a lathe I picked up at a garage sale that didn't have its rest. Then I made the nut with my milling machine. Nice to have my own mill, then I don't have to borrow.

    I think if you use the right materials you can weld some kinds of cast iron.

    Tool RestWL.jpgRestNut.jpg
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    Not bad, not as complicated as my lathes tool rest as I can rotate the head unit on my lathe for turning large bowls etc.

    I still would rather have friend with the large tools I can get access to than have all the tools and have no friends to go call on and work on project with.

    My best friends are all dead Presidents. I know I can always count on them.

    I don't think so, when the merde hits the fan all those dead presidents wont do Jaque Merde, but your friends will be there for you, unless they are friends you have bought.

    Thanks, It vibrates less now than the old cam lock system.

    The vibrations are worst when the tool rest is extended to full length.

    I try not to use the tool rest when fully extended.

    Gracias, vibra menos ahora que la vieja cam bloquear el sistema.

    Las vibraciones son peores cuando el resto de la herramienta se extiende a toda la longitud.

    Trato de no usar el resto de la herramienta cuando totalmente extendido.

    This is exactly what I did to my el cheapo lathe, then I got a better one and el cheapo went into storage.

    I just got a new Nova chuck, and had barley got to play with the thing when the threads wrung in the cast iron block, so now i need to rebuild it again, it will be like tank this time, hopefully the last time it will need repaired, had planned to do it today but i just saw the date and i might just leave it till the start of next week. Engineering on a Friday the 13th, I'm not all that superstitious but m left hand cant take any more injuries lol.