Wood Lighting




Wood lighting

Step 1: What Kind of Tools Do You Need?


One piece wood which has 40 cm length. ( apple tree )

· One piece Plexy tube which has 30 cm length and 4 cm width.

· Glue for wood.

· Cellulose based varnish

· One piece brush which is 5 cm

· Led light emitting diod which is 200 cm ( yellow )

· Led light emitting diod setting adaptor

· Workplace tools.

o Blade of a band saw

o Hammer

o Nail

o Driller

o Sanding machine

Step 2: How to Begin?

Wooden is sliced by blade of s band saw with 2 cm length.

Step 3:

After that, all slices’ center point is cut by driller.

Step 4:

Slices, which are cut from center point, are rubbed with emery to have rubbed surface.

Step 5:

Glue for wood is applied to prevent fracture and waited to dry for a day.

Step 6: Japanning to Wooden Slices

Wooden slices are varnishing with the brush and after that wooden slices are dried. This process is done 2 or 3 times.

Step 7: Plexy Tube Grinding

Plexy tube is cut by blade of a band saw and it has 40 cm length. After that plexy tube has matt surface with machine

Step 8: Final Step

All slices are positioned on the plexy tube according to layout. ( There is no need to any glue. Dry wood is tighten up and prevent to move. ) After, led light emitting diod, which is 200 cm, is placed into tube and illumination is done.

Step 9: Final Illumination



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    56 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Great idea, looks fantastic. But please adjust your bandsaw guard to show safer practice.

    M L G

    3 years ago

    Very uber cool looking lamp! Well done!
    I'm also intrigued by this led diode?
    Please a better more in depth explanation of this would be very much appreciated.
    Also not everyone can afford or has access to a band saw of that calibre so alternatively if you have a 12" sliding mitre saw you would easily get through a small
    tree trunk of the diameter shown. I use my 12 incher to cut 10" x 5" railway sleepers
    no problem! Probably shouldnt but it is possible and have never had an issue so far.
    Also because its round you may have to clamp the wood in place and then bring your
    mitre saw blade down to cut it. Certainly safer than holding the piece of wood and pushing it towards a rotating band saw blade! Never liked the things in school scared the crap out of me!


    3 years ago

    Did you have to treat the wood after it was cut? Like dry it out in the oven or coat it with some kind of sealer?


    4 years ago

    Hi bcan can you please email me this whole process Weedjarule@hotmail.com


    4 years ago

    Led strip. Wired up LEDs. Lamp kit. All of these work if you know a little electricity and sodering pondering ping


    4 years ago

    Very nice


    I am thoroughly confused as to what he is using for light source. What is a 200cm light emitting LED diode? Is it a long led? is it a diode that can light up a space of 200cm? I would love to make this for my brother in laws but I do not know very much about LED's. Could anyone help me out? Maybe show a link of where I can buy a product like that so I can begin my search?


    4 years ago

    Nice idea, thanks for sharing! I totally build a small one for a shelf. :)


    Very nice project!! I will try to make my own. But have you more info about the led? How much power (watt) or how much mcd have the led you used? Thanks.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This turned out REALLY nice. Great job blending high tech (e.g., LED's, plexi or acrylic) and rustic. The end result would fit many decors.

    When cutting logs, whether making boards or cutting slabs, strongly consider using a sled for that purpose. For slabs, just a simple L shape you can clamp the log to, or screw to the log will be enough.

    The lack of support under the cut when your are starting and finishing tends to cause the blade to want to spin the log and things can get wild, or even dangerous.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    AWESOME LAMP.. I'm going to attempt this... The pictures are really nice because they give me a really good visual of what i gotta do. However im haveing a hard time understanding the instructions. can you help me a little on them, i have a few questions