Wood Table Top Tool Box

Introduction: Wood Table Top Tool Box

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I need an easy to access tool box for my work area. This is not your standard tool box it is made more for a tape holder, bit holder, marker holders.

I get them by the pack

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools

tape measre
straight edge

jig saw

metal bars
drill bits

Step 2: Building the Frame

I had scrap wood around that used for mine. At my hardware store you can find a scrap wood pile for cheap wood. I orignally was gonna use it to store tape, but found out it is good for a lot of tools. I cut the two side pieces the same and screwed them to bottom board. I then drilled holes in side pieces of wood for the bars to go threw for the tape. I then added two pieces of wood to the back for drill bits and sharpee markers. I drilled the holes in the wood before i screwed it to the frame.

Step 3: Adding Tools:


big drill bits

small drill bits

wood files

screw drivers

drill screw driver bits

sharpee markers



razor blade


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