Woodburned Cubs Sign




Have you ever wanted to show people what a huge Cubs fan you are without spending a lot of money. Well, now you can with a cool woodburned design. Woodburning may seem complicated and hard, but with a stencil it will make everything look neat. All you need to make a cool design is a stencil and a little bit of time.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

- You will need...

- A piece of wood

- A woodburner

- Some scotch tape

- A Cubs logo stencil

Step 2: Now Burn

- Now take your woodburner and outline the stencil of the logo.

Step 3: Take It Off

- Now peel your stencil off to reveal your beautiful woodburned design.

Step 4: Adding the Words

- Now tape the stencil of your words onto the wood.

Step 5: Now Burn Again

- Now take your woodburner again and outline your second logo at the bottom of the piece of wood.

Step 6: The Finale

- Now peel back your stencil and admire your awesomeness.

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