Wooden Altoids Knight

Introduction: Wooden Altoids Knight

As part of a class project, I had to design a constructable model which has parts that can fit inside of a normal Altoids can, then create the parts by cutting wood on a laser cutter. I designed a box knight based off my high school sport symbol as my design. In this Instructable I will be explaining how to put together my model.

Step 1: Putting Together the Head.

Start off by taking one of the pieces with a hole in it, and placing it flat on the ground with the circle facing down. Using the pieces shown, begin connecting the pieces into a cube shape, with the bigger pieces being used for the front and back of the knight's head, and the narrower pieces being used for the sides. Note that the dirty faces of the pieces are the insides of the head, while the more clean faces are the outsides. Make sure that the knight's face is upright when you build it. After connecting the front, back and two side pieces to the bottom piece, add the top piece to the knight. The top of the knight's head does not have a hole.

Optionally, you can attach the pieces together using glue or tape to keep the it stable.

Step 2: Putting Together the Body.

Building the body of the wooden knight is similar to putting together the head. The bottom piece of the body is the one without the hole while the top piece is the one with the hole. Put together the body by making a cube in the same way that was done with the head, the narrow pieces being the sides, and the wider pieces being the front and back. The front piece has a "neck" area on its clean face, which faces upwards away from the ground. When you place the top on the body, the circle around the hole should be facing up.

Optionally, you can attach the pieces together using glue or tape to keep the it stable.

Step 3: Attaching the Head to the Body.

There should be only one piece remaining, the small plus shaped piece which is going to be used to connect the head and the body. Start off by placing any end of the connector piece into the hole on the top of the body. Next, connect the bottom of the head to the connector using the hole to complete the wooden knight.

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    very nice! if you had used a sharpie or burned the knight design it would have showed up better :D