Wooden Antler Chandelier

Get started by getting all your scrapwood out from your scap bin and turning your imagination on!

Step 1: Cut, Glue, Carve, Sand, Repeat

Watch the video for full step by step process of how to make the coolest cabin chandelier. There's not much to it. Just CUT the board or scrap pieces to size, then GLUE them together. After drying, CARVE the pieces down to the right size, and then SAND it down. And finally REPEAT these steps however many times you need to complete all the antlers. Very simple!

Step 2: Assemble

After you finish making the antlers, assemble them together, spacing them correctly throughout the cylinder block. Then drill the proper holes for the wiring to go through and assemble all the electricals.

Step 3: Hang

When you are done connecting all the wires, suspend your chandelier to make sure it is balanced properly and hangs leveled. When all is complete, find a perfect place to hand it, and enjoy the view!



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